Musicnotes Wins Multiple Awards for “You Can Play” Campaign Video

Musicnotes recently received multiple awards and international acclaim after the success of the “You Can Play” campaign video that highlights the ways in which music can transform lives. The video features the life journey of a young pianist, from birth to the concert stage, and culminates in an iconic breakout performance. Musicnotes also paired the video campaign with a free sheet music download featuring the title song, to encourage future budding musicians.

“With the incredible support of the Musicnotes team and the amazing cast and crew, the production for ‘You Can Play’ provided me the perfect opportunity to depict dignity and love organically and authentically. I believe that’s why this piece was successful and will survive the test of time, continuing to be relevant to viewers for generations to come,” said Alex Miranda Cruz, Writer/Director at Bravebird.

Awards and Achievements for “You Can Play”

With over three million views and growing across multiple social media networks (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), the “You Can Play” short film has already collected a wide array of awards and medals from several esteemed audience and media organizations, including:

  • Telly Awards: The video took medals in multiple categories, including a Gold for Cinematography; a Silver for Directing; and three Bronze medals, for Music/Jingle, Set Design and a People’s Telly for Online Commercial Marketing Piece.
  • The Creativepool Awards: A Bronze medal for Music Composition; a People’s Choice Award for Post-Production.
  • The Wave Awards: A Gold medal for Directing.

Creative and filming attributions for the “You Can Play” short film belong to:

  • Musicnotes (Madison, WI): For the creative concept.
  • Bravebird (Madison, WI): Director
  • Kingdom Film Works (Madison, WI): Production

“We’re thrilled about the number of views and accolades ‘You Can Play’ has received. Being able to partner with Alex to create a cinematic style video that connects with audiences on an emotional level and garners industry attention is something for which we take great pride,” said Duncan Hearn, Director of Marketing and Design at Musicnotes. “Our mission has always been about inspiring musicians at every stage of their musical journey.”

For more information about the campaign and access to free sheet music for “You Can Play,” visit HERE

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