Joe Namath disagrees with Mike Ditka’s comments about oppression

Joe Namath disagrees with fellow Hall of Famer Mike Ditka on oppression.
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Mike Ditka is hearing a rebuttal from none other than Broadway Joe himself.

In an appearance Tuesday on Fox News, legendary New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath disagreed with Ditka’s recent comments claiming that there was no oppression in modern society.

“Going back to what Colin Kaepernick initially did, it was to point out some injustice that’s being done to the black race,” said Namath, per John Bowden of The Hill. “Or to people that obviously when you look — and I say obviously, some of these dash cams and shootings that were done to unarmed people. He was reaching out to try to get it more investigated. So that’s where this oppression thing comes in.

“Look up the meaning of oppression,” the Hall of Famer added. “Look up the definition of oppression, and you understand that it’s obviously taken place.”

You can read Ditka’s full remarks here. As for Namath, it’s a bit of a departure from what he usually give his thoughts on. But his comments at least prove that the polarizing national anthem protests (as well as their core underlying issues) are not just a matter of a divide between races or between generations.

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