Jerry Kennedy “Pretty Woman” 1961 ES-335 Replica

Gibson Custom Shop is proud to present this limited-edition replica of Jerry Kennedy’s iconic 1961 ES-335, nicknamed “Pretty Woman” after he used it to play the famous guitar riff on the Roy Orbison mega-hit. Jerry bought the instrument new in the summer of 1961, having just moved to Nashville to begin a session musician career. He liked that the cherry-red Gibson ES-335 was both versatile and comfortable. Two years later, he had it outfitted with a unique palm pedal system to bend strings like a steel guitar – its only modification to this day.

Jerry’s distinctive ES-335 would be the foundation for his incredible musical legacy, being heard on classics by Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Tammy Wynette and many more. The guitar eventually found another life with Jerry’s son, Gordon Kennedy, who used it in sessions with Peter Frampton, Garth Brooks and Faith Hill.

Every detail of the original instrument, from the wear patterns to the intricate palm pedal system, has been meticulously and painstakingly recreated by the skilled artisans at Gibson Custom Shop for this very special release, limited to just 50 guitars sold worldwide.

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