Here’s Why New Music Made 2017 Awesome

Every musician has a unique, signature sound that defines their artistry and has millions of music lovers testing the endurance of YouTube’s replay button. In 2017, Musicnotes partnered with 50 of those YouTube renegades to help them become officially licensed sheet music publishers known as Musicnotes Signature Artists!

With these new, exclusive additions, Musicnotes now features arrangements from over 80 talented Signature Artists across the globe, proving new Signature Artists helped make 2017 pretty dang awesome for every music lover at any skill level. The proof is in the sound! Listen below, search the sheet music, and discover more music from Signature Artists at Musicnotes.

Peter Hollens

An American entrepreneur, pop singer, and producer best known for his work on YouTube as an a cappella cover artist with over 1.75 million subscribers. He has collaborated and performed with several outstanding artists including Lindsey Stirling, and ThePianoGuys.
“I See Fire” | Get the sheet music

BYU Vocal Point

Brigham Young University’s world-renowned, Emmy Award-winning, nine-man contemporary a cappella group whose music been described to by some as “an optical illusion for your ears.”
“It Is Well with My Soul” | Get the sheet music

BYU Noteworthy

Brigham Young University’s all-female, nine-voice cappella group, produced highly acclaimed recordings for more than a decade, toured throughout the United States, and won the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella.
“Be Thou My Vision” | Get the sheet music


Taylor Davis

A self-admitted “proud nerd” and a global crossover sensation, her original compositions and unique arrangements of gaming, anime, and film’s most iconic soundtracks have been viewed over 300 million times by her audience of over 2 million YouTube subscribers.
Disney’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ “He’s a Pirate” | Get the sheet music

Andrew Foy

Young fingerstyle guitarist with over 980,000 YouTube subscribers viewing his original covers of popular songs.
“Wolves” | Get the sheet music

GnuS Cello

Cellist Stefano Cabrera arranges and performs beautiful, moving cello covers of popular songs. The channel has garnered over 300,000 subscribers and over 23 million views!
“Ride” | Get the sheet music


A violin and cello duo, both Adam Hansen and Julia Hansenare are classically trained performers and composers who specialize in virtuosic arrangements of film and television scores. They are praised for their ability to maintain rich textures while reducing scores to just two instruments!
“Beauty and the Beast: Prologue” | Get the sheet music

Yenne Lee

A classically trained guitarist who composes and arranges unique covers of popular songs in hopes of making the classical guitar instrument more accessible to the public.
“Yesterday Once More” | Get the sheet music

Leon Alex

A self-taught fingerstyle guitarist from Germany whose YouTube channel with over 70,000 subscribers has been growing exponentially over the past years due to his high quality videos and simple, yet beautiful, arrangements.
“Faded” | Get the sheet music

Rob Landes

A classically-trained violinist who began studying at the age of three, has two music performance degrees, and has stretched the boundaries on the violin with his loop pedal and complex arrangements of the most popular songs in music.
“Hallelujah” | Get the sheet music

Neil Wicker

A fingerstyle guitarist from the UK with a passion for musicals and creates unique and intricate arrangements from Broadway shows. His YouTube channel reaches a wide audience of both players and viewers, and he hopes to bring his music to an even wider audience across the world.
“Another Day of Sun” | Get the sheet music


Bevani Flute

A classically trained flutist who has broken free! Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, she teaches in-person and Skype lessons to students worldwide. Her YouTube channel has over 70,000 subscribers and growing.
“Kiss the Rain” | Get the sheet music


The Theorist

A music producer, composer, songwriter and performer from the city of Toronto that has grown to reach fans and stages across the world.
“Shape of You” | Get the sheet music

Costantino Carrara

A talented pianist from Italy who began uploading original performances of his favorite arrangements on YouTube in 2011.
“Something Just Like This” | Get the sheet music

Mark Fowler

A musician and pianist from the UK who transcribes, arranges and performs music. His YouTube channel has garnered over 240,000 fans.
“Game of Thrones” | Get the sheet music

Francesco Parrino

An Italian singer, pianist, arranger and composer with over 100,000 YouTube subscribers and over 20 million views on both his original compositions as well as his creative radio and film piano covers.
“Hall of Fame” | Get the sheet music

Aldy Santos

Classically trained pianist who composes, arranges and transcribes all types of piano sheet music.
“A Thousand Years” | Get the sheet music

David Magyel

A jazz pianist who arranges original covers of popular songs and has a YouTube channel featuring lessons for both intermediate and advanced jazz students, showing how to play different scales and exercises to develop their skills further.
“Autumn Leaves: Advanced” | Get the sheet music

Kristen Mosca

At age 14, she was inspired by a pianist at Disneyland on a family trip and fell in love with ragtime piano, and now she arranges and performs ragtime covers of popular songs on her YouTube channel!
Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ “Be Our Guest” | Get the sheet music

Toms Mucenieks

Arranges and composes original piano covers of popular hits as well as the classics. His YouTube channel features compositions for every skill level, with some videos offering a tutorial of how to play the song.
Dark and Dramatic “All Star” | Get the sheet music

Jonny May

A passion and talent for ragtime, boogie-woogie and honkey-tonk piano, he became the youngest pianist ever to own the stage at Disneyland’s Refreshment Corner Café when he was just 18 years old.
Jazzy “Despacito” |  Get the sheet music

Karim Kamar

A contemporary classical pianist and composer from London with a main focus on the creation of relaxing New Age solo piano music, he has produced and created music of many different styles for various artists.
“Westworld: Main Title Theme” | Get the sheet music

Joe Jeremiah

Creates 8-Bit synthesizer covers of popular songs and video game themes.
“Jump Up, Superstar” | Get the sheet music


Myuu is a classically trained pianist from Germany who focuses on dark piano music, writing original music for YouTube horror community stars such as ‘Creepypasta,’ ‘True Scary Stories’ and ‘Exploring with…,’ the abandoned places series.
“Scent of Night” | Get the sheet music

Jacob’s Piano

A pianist and composer from Copenhagen, Denmark, his YouTube channel features many arranged piano covers of popular hits as well as his own original compositions. Feeling and simplicity is the core idea behind any of Jacob’s works!
“Moments” | Get the sheet music

Paul Hankinson

Relatively new to posting covers on YouTube, he is an Australian pianist, composer, arranger and songwriter based in Berlin, Germany working as a concert and recording artist as well as in theater and film.
“Perfect: Wedding Version” | Get the sheet music

Peter Buka

A young pianist from Hungary who arranges piano covers of popular songs. He began uploading videos to YouTube in early 2017 and not long after was featured on several Facebook pages such as Radio One Lebanon, 9GAG and Viral Thread where his arrangements reached millions of people!
“5 Pop Songs Piano Mashup” | Get the sheet music


A classically trained pianist and saxophonist who aims to create truly unique and beautiful arrangements of pop and film music, for the enjoyment of people across the world.
“Perfect” | Get the sheet music

Yannick Streibert

A pianist based in Germany who composes new and exciting arrangements of popular music. Though his YouTube channel features a bit of everything, he is especially dedicated to piano covers of Metal and Rock songs.
“The Call of Ktulu” | Get the sheet music


A classically trained pianist from Ohio with a passion for creating vibrant and exciting piano covers that are challenging yet fun and are viewed by more than 50,000 YouTube subscribers!
Disney Pixar’s ‘Coco’ “Remember Me” | Get the sheet music


Blake Alkire has been playing and composing music for the piano since he was eight years old. The interest in his arrangements has resulted in over 7 million views and over 12,000 subscribers!
“Hallelujah” | Get the sheet music

Toby Jacobs

A Belgian pianist from Antwerp who writes original music and creates arrangements of well-known songs for piano. His YouTube channel is gaining attention and is growing in subscribers.
“Despacito” | Get the sheet music


A pianist and composer from Italy who arranges and produces piano covers of popular hits for his YouTube tutorial channel.
“Despacito” | Get the sheet music

Samuel Fu

A young composer and arranger from Malaysia whose YouTube channel features piano covers of popular scores from movies, television shows, and video games.
“DC vs Marvel Piano Battle” | Get the sheet music

Raoul van den Bergh

Raoul van den Bergh is a young arranger and composer from the Netherlands who specializes in piano covers of pop songs.
“Stargazing” | Get the sheet music

Music by Pedro

A multi-instrumentalist and endorsed free-lance artist from Wilmington, NC. By mixing genres from Jazz and Video Games, he has created a whole style of fun and creative video game music using improvisation techniques as well as modern pop and funky beats.
“Cantina Band” | Get the sheet music

Joyce Leong

A musician and piano teacher who also transcribes, arranges and performs music on YouTube, which has garnered over 110,000 subscribers and appeals to many budding pianists as they are very close to the original releases.
“All of Me” | Get the sheet music

Richard Kittelstad

A classically trained pianist from Tampa, Florida with over 40,000 subscribers who specializes in YouTube piano covers, arrangements, and compositions.
“All I Want for Christmas Is You” | Get the sheet music

Niko the Piano Man

A Greek-American composer, instrumentalist, and DJ who started playing piano by ear at two-years-old and has continued to master different instruments such as clarinet and guitar.
“It Aint Me” | Get the sheet music

Samuel Carpenter

A young, enthusiastic, and talented pianist from Britain who started his YouTube channel in 2017, uploading his original arrangements of pop songs with technical flair and a unique twist.
“The Greatest” | Get the sheet music

YoungMin You

A pianist and composer who produces covers, original compositions and creative musical content. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, he composes for various ensembles and individual clients, and since 2017, he’s been building an online presence through piano.
“Piano Pop Medley 3: Notecard Improv” | Get the sheet music



YourPianoCover is a YouTube channel featuring piano compositions and arrangements of popular songs.
“Havana” | Get the sheet music

My Little Piano Channel

An up and coming piano tutorial and cover arrangement channel for popular songs. From beginner to advanced, any pianist can use the videos to aid with their practice.
“Whatever It Takes” | Get the sheet music

Amosdoll Music

A tutorial YouTube channel that teaches musicians how to play any song on the piano by ear!
Shinzou wo Sasageyo” | Get the sheet music


Features piano covers and synthesia tutorials of trending Billboard chart-toppers. Several of his YouTube videos exceed 1 million views!
“Skyfall” | Get the sheet music


A Romanian singer, pianist, composer and string quartet arranger who has toured all over Europe, UK, and the USA as a pianist, drummer, and singer, along with composing his own albums.
“There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” | Get the sheet music

Jon Pumper

A professional improv pianist based out of Minneapolis, MN brings piano arrangements of popular soundtracks from the latest movies, TV shows, and video games.
“Never Enough” | Get the sheet music

Sheet Music Boss

A fast-growing YouTube channel releasing the highest quality piano tutorials every day, headed by two professional musicians with years of experience in music composition and arranging: Samuel Dickenson and Andrew Wrangell.
“Kirby Music in Russian Style” | Get the sheet music


An incredibly talented pianist who specializes in covers of video game music and movie soundtracks. His real time piano performances blended with Synthesia overlays have made for visually stunning videos that have attracted millions of people all over the world.
“The Force Theme / Cantina Band” | Get the sheet music

Patrik Pietschmann

A keyboard player, arranger and programmer from Germany who has over 230,000 YouTube subscribers enjoying live piano playing combined with the visualization of the music material created with his own programmed software.
“The Dark Knight: Main Theme” | Get the sheet music


Find even more exclusive arrangements at Musicnotes.

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