Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex by Eoin Colfer

Eoin Colfer is at it again, as he creates the high pitch interest among his readers from the page one. The top secret meeting has been ambushed and LEPrecon Captain Holly Short badly needs Artemis Fowl to be at his best. There is a problem with this boy genius; he is behaving nicely – highly uncharacteristically (and abnormal for him). On the contrary, he should have been bad with his opponents. The latest Artemis Fowl adventure has some effects from the Hitchhikers Guide since the author Eoin Colfer has a connection, but the jokes are engrossing.

First Stage for Preparation

You get a feeling that there is no action for long periods, though if you read there are lots of things going on all the time. The flashbacks which keep explaining what happened to the bodyguard of Artemis Fowl make the text look disjointed. Another thing that goes against is the identity of the villain has been disclosed very early. You'll notice there are scenes with black humor where the villain is making plans.

The New Personality Adds To the Story

The psychological problems that Artemis goes through is not used for humor by the author, the new personality of Artemis adds a new dimension and some engrossing developments to the story. Artemis Fowl used to see things which others could not, now the situation has gone bad. He sees things which are not there at all. The character has storylines which are very strong and the one liners are completely mind blowing. The innovativeness of the author has not diminished one bit from the time the series was launched.

The Brilliant Mind Is Not Working Anymore

Artemis has a brilliant mind, but the downside is it does not seem to be working for him anymore. The acid tongued genius is acting very nice, which is out of character and disconcerting for its companion, Capt. Short (he needs to be tough with his enemies). The disease has been diagnosed, it is called Atlantis complex and is common among the fairies. The book from Eoin Colfer is enjoyable even for grownups, since the book takes even serious issues into account such as global warming.

Source by Prasoon Kumar

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