1958 ES-335 Premiere Limited Run

Many would argue that early versions of the 1958 Gibson ES-335 are the holy grail of semi-hollowbody guitars. With the 2018 1958 ES-335 Premiere, we took the “dot neck” that started it all and gave it the “Premiere” treatment. All of the historically accurate features are there, like the original “Micky Mouse ear” body shape, the unbound ’58 rounded neck with dark rosewood fingerboard, and a ’58 Burst finish. However, the thermally engineered maple centerblock and quarter sawn Adirondack spruce bracing take tone and resonance to new levels. Paired with our MTC Historic control assembly and PAF-style MHS Humbucking pickups, you will wonder if a 1958 ES-335 has ever sounded this good.

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